Saturday, January 26, 2008


Beautiful colours. Beautiful balloons. Each individual balloon seems to be a "dream" being held in return awaiting to be release into the sky? Maybe each of them indicates "attachments". They are never so anxious to be released into the sky. Awaiting freedom. I say, I would grip them tightly with my hand. Appericate the beauty of it, get tired of holding it and accepting the fact I own them, lossen the grip, you release all the "dreams" & "attachments" Beautiful. Remember, all are not real! (",) We are just learning to appericate the beauty of change itself. Wonders of life itself. Hang on there.
Till then, when you lossen your grip, you will learn to appericate another kinda beauty. Beautiful!
Happiness is here and now.
Have not been feeling well recently. On medication for almost a month now. I felt lousy. I get agaited easily. I got trapped in my own emotions. Silly attachments. Silly Beng~ Anyway, I dont need to find "them" simply because I cant find "them" anyway. Am so glad that I manage to find something to "calm" myself down. Am sorry to those I have been rude to. Am sorry for my tolerance gone down to zero. Am thankful for myself for I realised something yet again. The precious "attachment"! Those medicine are making me drowsy and dreaming. I don't know what I am typing. I don't know what I am trying to deliever. I dont know if you understand what I am writing. Haha... Yes.. This is Beng~ All the uncertainly, makes me feel relieved. I am at the present. The "drowsy" present!! Haa haa! Anyway, it's no longer important.

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