Monday, January 14, 2008


I realised that all things can be beautiful if you.. If you choose to change your perspectives. Choose to be see the beauty of the world. Paint yours with colours of the nature. Life is busy, simple yet beautiful~ Have you made your choice? (",) I always forget the beauty of life itself. Always busy looking for more things to beautify my life. Actual fact, I have all the things. I don't need to search for it. It is like appreciating a sheet of white paper. You are the artist or author of it. And the sheet of white paper is always ready to soak up an artist/author anxious thoughts etc. I've forgetten totally and now I am learning to appreciate a piece of white paper all over again. (:


Lucky said...

I must be honest, I just stumbled over your blog but I've been going through some tough times myself and must say that this was very inspiring and uplifting. Thank you.

Mon said...

I am a Nursing Student. It wasnt really my dream to be one and was very unhappy during my first months in the university. but during my sophomore year, a professor told the whole class that if we are not happy with our profession then we should just learn to accept it and learn to be happy with it. Now I am more than thankful that I am graduating in this course.

utpala said...

wow that is a really a nice and colourful picture over there... and insightful piece of writing :) yet a blank piece of paper would contain the potential of your beautiful picture and lots more. thx!! :)