Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moving Ahead

I am trapped in this situation right now. I need to make a decision. (But I know I will not decide anytime soon.) I need to move ahead to pass the 1st "door" before I can carry on moving forward. I am not stress. I am not worried. Perhaps, I just want things to remain as it is at the present. Anyway, I need to remind myself that changes is not scary. Changes is not the end of the world. Do not be afraid to cross the borders because you dont know what lies ahead of you. In the picture, it clearly shows a beautiful path. If it is you, would you choose to walk it or would you choose to appericate it silently? I dislike this. I dislike the feeling and the need to make decisions. Maybe, and perhaps, the only similar feeling to relate to the picture would be the colour. Haa.. I felt silly all over again. Yet, I appericate the sillyness I am feeling now. Are you in or are you out? :P

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